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What people are saying about A Little Christmas Tree

"I agree with the claim written on the back of A Little Christmas Tree, this is “the new classic” in Christmas stories. I hope many people will discover this treasure and make reading it a family tradition. I can see children getting caught up in Little Tree’s hopes and falling in love with Little Tree."

Janice D. Green - Christianchildrensauthors.com

"Very touching, easy to read, a simple but well developed character that readers can relate to, brings the reader in very close and takes them on an expected ride… and just when you expect the worst, the best prevails… very well constructed and edited!"

Lynn Madonna

"I love Christmas books that focus on Christ and that highlight the real reason for the season. I love this book! Not only does it accentuate what Christmas is all about, but it also briefly encapsulates our own personal journeys through life. Wonderful book to add to our Christmas collection!"

Daniel Hunter

"This story really focuses on the true meaning of Christmas, and I love how it helps me focus more on what is truly important during a highly commercialized season. If you want a story that will touch your heart year after year, this book is for you too!"

Michael Hilton